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At the law offices of Rodnick & Unger, P.C., we have over 34 years of personal injury, wrongful death and accident litigation experience. Our experience and resources enable us to go up against large insurers and demand the comprehensive, long term compensation you will need to regain your quality of life. We always put first the needs of our clients. We recognize the difficult and stressful situation of our clients. Our personal injury attorneys care about our individual clients which leads to effective litigation of your case in a court of law, and the results and compensation you deserve.

We handle cases where an individual has suffered an injury due to the negligence of another party.

If you have been injured in any of the following types of accidents, contact our firm to discuss your legal rights to financial compensation: auto accidents, slip and fall, wrongful death, or other types of civil litigation.

If you, or someone you know, has suffered an injury in an accident due to someone else’s negligent actions, contact our law firm for assistance. There is no charge unless we win. We offer a free no-obligation consultation with a dedicated and aggressive personal injury attorney who can properly advise you and, when appropriate, help you recover the damages you or your loved one are entitled to.

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We offer a FREE
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Personal Injury

We handle auto accidents, slip and falls, worker’s compensation, wrongful death, and all other personal injuries. Please contact us if you need an experienced personal injury lawyer who understands the issues accident victims face.
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