Practice Areas


At Rodnick, Unger & Kaplan, P.C., we have attorneys who have substantial experience defending the rights of both juveniles and adults who have been charged with committing a crime. Our attorneys defend people who have been accused of violating state and federal laws. Both the Constitution of the United States and of Michigan guarantee each and every person certain fundamental rights when charged with a crime. Our law firm is an avid protector of the rights of the individual and a vigorous advocate against abuses of police power.

We represent defendants at every stage in the criminal justice system, including bond hearings, preliminary examinations, grand jury investigations, depositions and trials. To prepare for hearings, we strategize with our clients face-to-face, including those dents who are being held in jail or prison. We provide aggressive representation,. which oftentimes includes the filing of motions to reduce bonds, suppress evidence illegally seized and to suppress confessions that are illegally obtained. We regularly take the defense of criminal matters to trial and do our best to negotiate a plea agreement with prosecutors, when appropriate.

The types of criminal matters we handle include but are not necessarily limited to drug offenses, traffic offenses, assault and battery, criminal sexual conduct, murder, kidnapping, child pornography, computer fraud, white-collar crime, domestic violence, weapons charges, retail theft and license restoration.